Nikki M. Barrett

Intuitive Life Design & Inspirational Speaker

Let's transcend your biggest obstacles together

"I am radiant love in the purest form" -- Nikki M. Barrett

I am a simple woman, wiser beyond my years, humbled by a deeper understanding of the Divine Source so many call God and the ultimate grace that comes with that knowing.

My wisdom cannot be found on the inside of prestigious institutions, but from a path of trials and tribulations, both at the hand of my own choices and from the choices of others.

Yet, it is through this path that I have discovered who I am, and most importantly, who I am not.

The pain has been released and recycled and I am now the creator of the greatest love story ever told…mine!

I am radiant love in the purest form. I have replaced the lies with truth and my journey today is to help other women do the same.



Inspirational Speaker

From the deepest shadows of self-hate, abuse, violence, teen pregnancies, and so much more, Nikki M. Barrett comes out alive and radiant of Divine Love to inspire your audience that no matter what your experience is, love and forgiveness is the answer.


Published Author

"More Than A Mile, the Nikki Barrett story" tells Nikki's story in her own words until 2012 when the book was initially published.

A selection of her life tribulations are told in this masterpiece of inspiration.

The title comes from Nikki looking back at her life with love and compassion and best wishes to anyone wanting to walk more than a mile in her shoes.

She found the cross of forgiveness and inner freedom, attached her shoes on top of it, and is now kneeling close to God whom she calls "Daddy"


Widow's Walk To Wholeness

It's hard to imagine signing up for this club. No one would consciously do so, yet, it is a club many women find themselves in today. Now what?

Finding my way through the most numbing experience of my life has been excruciatingly painful, yet the most transforming to date.

It is why I feel equipped to not only share my story, but to also inspire others who are on this journey.

Together, hand-in-hand, we shall take that walk back to wholeness and reclaim our life, the one we once thought was too fractured to go on, now has the greatest potential to rise from the ashes and shine as never before.


My Love

With all I do, I shall always love and give honor to my late husband, Jimmy "Greek" Barrett, who stepped aside from his life so I could step forward, heal and become the greatest version of myself.

My Love, we are always 2-gether 4-ever as it is written in our wedding rings.

With broken wings, you will always be the one who taught me to fly. I soar today because of you.


Intuitive Life Design

Nature has everything to keep us sane, healthy, and thriving if only we knew how to use it. Through a process of grounding, sitting, and soaking...we can now reconnect to Gaia and receive a mother's love women so desperately need today.

Let's talk about how we can design a pathway forward, empowering YOU to turn pain into power and purpose; tragedy into triumph; and turn violence and abuse into love and forgiveness.

I had to repurpose all of this because I couldn't afford to lose anymore of myself. I wanted to get up and have a reason for putting my feet on the ground.

I knew as long as it was going to be called, "My life", I was going to be the one to define it.

So I took what I had left and began a journey to leave a footprint no man could erase.

I may have entered this process as a wounded human, but I am now a soul set free.

Empowered with this vital understanding and a direct line of open communication with my Spiritual Guides, my Intuitive Life Design has become crystal clear. Now let's create yours!

Ask Me Anything

What's next for you, now, Nikki?

Traveling the world,

Spreading the message of radiant love and infinite forgiveness,

Living fully in honor of God and Greek, and

Guiding others from being a wounded human to a soul set an Intuitive Life Design and Inspirational Speaker!

Praise for the book

Transcending so many life obstacles is beyond what so many of us could have ever imagined. I admire you for your courage, resilience, and how you handled so many heartaches.

Stephanie B.

Thank you for your radiant presence. There is something mystical and miraculous about you.

And now that I've read your book, "More Than A Mile" it seems surreal.

Gemma S.

Touching... real!
More Than a Mile was more than I expected. It connects on a personal level, no matter who you are or what you've been through. And it leaves you with something important: Hope.

Tom C.